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IntraFocus: the focus of collaboration - the clarity of alignment

IntraFocus Management Consultants work with an organization's leaders to make practical yet strategic changes that strengthen the organization's resiliency and position it for the future. Gery Sasko, IntraFocus principal, is one of the country's most experienced strategists and a leading practitioner of the Balanced Scorecard approach to aligning business activities to the company's longer term strategies.

In challenging environments, organizational resiliency - the ability to adapt and take advantage of market opportunities while withstanding stressors - is a fundamental quality of a thriving organization. We work within an organization's structure and culture to shape strategic change that works. Strategic change that invigorates and aligns the organization is always the goal. Whether your company's needs are strategic planning, marketing and customer engagement programs, or a balanced scorecard system to help a department or organization realize its potential, IntraFocus can help.

Our practices are fast, goal-oriented, and always an excellent value. We are passionate about success. We innovate yet always remain practical in our approaches. We help each client achieve their ambitions through systems and performance practices that meet the challenges of changing market and industry conditions.

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